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I want to build a web app using either canvas or SVG. But I would like to use a library that gives me some pre-made ui components like file menus or forms.

What are some of the libraries out there that could accomplish this with either of these technologies?

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Mocha ui uses Canvas and is probably the closest to having good file menus and forms: http://mochaui.org/

Some other things to look at:

http://raphaeljs.com/ - Raphael for SVG

https://bespin.mozillalabs.com/ - Mozilla Bespin premade code editor for Canvas

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Old question and answer, but to make it more complete, you should add Zebra UI to this list. zebkit.org and it looks like Mocha UI link is dead now. –  tremor Jun 19 at 14:19

If you don't want to use HTML for the widgets, then have a look at the pergola framework which is based on svg (has menus, windows, widgets etc).

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The link was 404, here is an examples link that works: dotuscomus.com/pergola/examples.html –  August Feb 25 '13 at 21:23

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