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I know how to access the iSeries using VB.NET. I use an OLE DB connection to connect to it. Now I am developing an ASP.NET web application using VB.NET that is going to use the iSeries for the database. Is there any special web license I need to access the iSeries over the web in this fashion? It's really just the web server accessing the iSeries locally, so I don't see how it's any different then the way I've done it already.

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Check out this forum post, which appears to be a reliable source (IBM).

The way I read it, you don't need a license to use the OLE DB providers IBM includes as part of Client Access (a.k.a. iSeries Access or IBM i Access). Parts of Client Access require a license, but if you do a selective install and only pick the data access components you'll be in good shape.

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