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I have a problem only in Google Chrome (Firefox, IE, Netscape, Safari and Opera are Okay) where a padding property which should be applied to text in a cell, is being applied to all empty cells aswell. It's easy to solve by adding more specific styles to my affected perimeter cells and using different styles, but that uses a lot of extra code and something which I try to save on. Is there possible way to get my CSS to pass over empty cells in the table it applies to?

#regFormTable{ padding:8px 30px 0px; }

Is the style affecting it.

Edit: The commas were an accident in typing the class on here (I'm using to submitting parameters syntax)

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I've updated my answer with your new parameters :-) –  mat Dec 12 '08 at 9:34

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You shouldn't have commas in there:

#regFormTable { padding: 8px 30px 0px; }

Also, I usually use either 2 or 4 values - it's just easier to understand!

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I think Google Chrome have a different default for the empty-cells css property. you should try to do :

#regFormTable{ padding:8px 30px 0px; empty-cells: hide; }
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