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I've been documenting my Javascript with v-doc comments, as this works really nicely with Visual Studio.

I'm considering giving NetBeans a go, as it apparently has very nice intellisense/code completion.

Will NetBeans support vs-doc comments?

If not, then by what means does NetBeans provide intellisense for Javascript files?

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Yes it does, so long as you are using 6.8 and/or above. I don't use vsdoc comments in my code, but I know that I can drop jquery-1.4.1-vsdoc.js into my project and get code completion for all of jquery. You might take a look at the following posts and also the jquery-vsdoc to make sure all the commenting you use is supported.

How can I get jQuery code completion in Netbeans?
Netbeans.org doc on using jquery

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