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Does anyone know if there is a way to prevent the user from being able to scroll horizontally? ive used overflow-x:hidden css, but it can still sometimes scroll (but only sometimes, its weird..)

Would it be possible to disable keystroke events for right/left arrows as well as left/right mousewheel with javascript? if there is no horizontal scrolling, they wouldnt need those buttons anyway. I thought there was a way to do this with javascript, but i cant remember? like onkeypress "left arrow" return false? i dont know too much javascript though..

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It looks like you've got some improperly-nested tags or something. By the way, that piercing noise you have on mouse over of the links is one of the worst things I have ever seen. You should remove it, nobody wants a website that hurts your ears. – notJim Sep 2 '10 at 1:56
Can you scroll horizontally when the vertical scroll bar appears? – rmarimon Sep 2 '10 at 1:57
notjim - yeah i hate that noise too but thats what the client wanted. rmarimon - im not sure i understand your quesion. – user433143 Sep 2 '10 at 2:32
On my Chrome browser, there's no horiz scroll for your site, but as a result I could not see the entire width of your page unless I resized the browser. And for people with regular sized screens (I have a large size, heh), that may not be an option. – Larry K Sep 2 '10 at 4:19

It seems that you put overflow-x: hidden in the HTML body; however this will not work. Use overflow-x: hidden on the element that you wish to disable horizontal scrolling.

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He means owerflow-x: hidden;. – Cipi Sep 2 '10 at 6:36
Or maybe överflow-x: hidden? – deceze Sep 2 '10 at 6:39

I figured it out with jquery if anyone wants to know:

<script language="JavaScript"><!--
function checkKey(e){
     switch (e.keyCode) {
        case 37:
            return false;
        case 39:
            return false;
            return true;  

if ($.browser.mozilla) {
    $(document).keypress (checkKey);
} else {
    $(document).keydown (checkKey);
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You can try this workaround

$(window).on("scroll", function(evt) {
var height = $(window).scrollTop();

See my bin here

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