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Is there a way to access Page.Header.Controls in ASP.NET MVC 2?


I want to create a helper which can manage scripts.

Yesterday, after I asked this question I discovered, that ViewPage and ViewUserControl has Page property.

I think this allows us to access Page.Header.Controls.

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more info please.. if you want your question to be answered, please provide more info.. –  rob waminal Sep 2 '10 at 3:08

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No, Page.Header doesn't exist in ASP.NET MVC. Header is the <head runat="server> control in ASP.NET Web Forms. ASP.NET MVC doesn't use controls like that.

If you want logic in the <head> of your HTML, you have to go about it the ASP.NET MVC way, by using code in your view or your master page.

The Page property of a ViewPage comes from the fact that Web Form Views are bastard Web Forms. ASP.NET MVC normally doesn't use any bits of the Web Forms beside the code-in-front and the markup, but via various unsupported haacks you can abuse it into letting you use other Web Forms stuff. Don't do it.

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