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Alright, so I've "mastered" the idea of GUI programming in Java and decided I would not touch anything related to windows/linux UI in c++. I've looked at a few UIs programmed in c++ and a few classes already and decided it's not for me. But on that note, what about command line interfaces. I'm currently working on a shipping computer at work that is completely command line, but it doesnt process one thing at a time. It allows for tabbing between multiple "fields", etc.. or another example would be graphics card installer for gnome/kde, one that runs in the command line. Or even a linux installer that uses the command line, and has menus in it, maybe even some color, etc.. I guess the question is how do I get into this? Is there a tutorial on this type of programming? A class written for it already? Suggestions would be much appreciated!

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"I've looked at a few UIs programmed in c++ and a few classes already and decided it's not for me." ... strange statement. What's wrong with MS Office, Mozilla-Apps, Visual Studio, all the KDE/Qt Apps out there, ... ? – Martin Ba Sep 2 '10 at 6:30
Sorry, what I meant was, I've looked the code for a few of the UIs in c++. – Dalton Conley Sep 5 '10 at 1:24
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Use ncurses. A nice how to is here

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There's a library called "dialog" which provides a high level widget set built on top of the curses API.

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