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I want to turn the above back in to readable text. Can anyone tell me how? Thanks

EDIT Forgive my oversight, PHP is the language of choice!

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You haven't said which language, but in many the function you want is urldecode

(Looking at your other questions, you probably want PHP. It is urldecode there :))

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Thanks a lot for this! :D – Drew Dec 12 '08 at 10:35 is your friend – Jay Dec 12 '08 at 12:29

Although this wasn't what you were after, for reference in C# you can use HttpUtility.UrlEncode


UrlDecode :P

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In JavaScript: decodeURIComponent("dev%40bionic%2Dcomms%2Eco%2Euk")

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unescape doesn't work for non-ASCII characters and is deprecated, use decodeURIComponent instead (same goes for escape -> encodeURIComponent) – I.devries Dec 12 '08 at 11:17

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