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I am using this site as reference: http://www.ros.co.nz/pdf/

I read the readme.pdf but haven't found any function that instructs how to add header and footers in every page in the pdf.

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What about using dompdf:

Try this for header and footer:

You can add images and shapes (line, rectangles, etc.) to every page using PDF 'objects'. A PDF object captures all rendering commands as a sort of template that can then be added to multiple pages:

<script type="text/php">

if ( isset($pdf) ) {

  // Open the object: all drawing commands will
  // go to the object instead of the current page
  $footer = $pdf->open_object();

  $w = $pdf->get_width();
  $h = $pdf->get_height();

  // Draw a line along the bottom
  $y = $h - 2 * $text_height - 24;
  $pdf->line(16, $y, $w - 16, $y, $color, 1);

  // Add an initals box
  $font = Font_Metrics::get_font("helvetica", "bold");
  $text = "Initials:";
  $width = Font_Metrics::get_text_width($text, $font, $size);
  $pdf->text($w - 16 - $width - 38, $y, $text, $font, $size, $color);
  $pdf->rectangle($w - 16 - 36, $y - 2, 36, $text_height + 4, array(0.5,0.5,0.5), 0.5);

  // Add a logo
  $img_w = 2 * 72; // 2 inches, in points
  $img_h = 1 * 72; // 1 inch, in points -- change these as required
  $pdf->image("print_logo.png", "png", ($w - $img_w) / 2.0, $y - $img_h, $img_w, $img_h);

  // Close the object (stop capture)

  // Add the object to every page. You can
  // also specify "odd" or "even"
  $pdf->add_object($footer, "all");

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I'm actually using R&OS Ltd's free PHP PDF creation library (php.find-info.ru/php/014/webdbapps2-CHP-13-SECT-2.html) so I'm wondering if I can create header and footer while still using this. –  anonymous123 Sep 3 '10 at 10:12
Write answer about R&OS PDF class. The question is about it –  AH. Jul 5 '13 at 14:20

You should be able to do this by opening an object, creating your content, closing the object, and then adding the object to your PDF. See pages 22-23 (PDF pages 25-26) of the reference you cited for the relevant documentation.

A brief example:

include ('class.ezpdf.php');
$pdf =& new Cezpdf();

$footer = $pdf->openObject();
$pdf->addText(50, 50, 8, "some footer text");
$pdf->addObject($footer, "all");

$pdf->ezText('Hello World!',50);
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90% of the time use BrianS's solution.

Footers can be a good deal more complicated if you don't always know the height of the content.

For a receipt with a tear-off remittance label, for example, something like this works for me:

$ok = 0;
$offset = (0 - $pdf->y);
while (!$ok) {
    $thisPageNum = $pdf->ezPageCount;

    $offset = $offset + 1;

    // Add your content here

    if ($this->ezPageCount==$thisPageNum) {
    } else {

This will make sure your content appears at the bottom of the last page.

For inserting content, you may want to use openObject and closeObject so only the insertion is redone during the while loop.

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