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In remote_function how can i pass the className of the form element

i have the following code,

    :onclick=>remote_function(:url => {:action => :change_view},
    :with =>"'**change**=**'+ ?????"**)}) %>

so, on onclick, i want to pass the parameter :change with the value of :class=>"change_list"


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If I am understanding correctly, that you want to pass the class name of the anchor tag in your Ajax request, then the following should work (re-formatted to try and improve readability):

<%= link_to(
      content_tag('span', t('country.name')), 
      { :title   => t('country.name'),
        :class   => "change_list", 
        :onclick => remote_function(
        :url     => {:action => :change_view}, 
        :with    => "'change=' + this.className"
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