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var someText = 'some text to show1';
chrome.extension.sendRequest({'action' : 'openMyTab','text': someText});


function onRequest(request, sender, callback) {
        if (request.action == 'openMyTab') {
    alert(" Inside onRequest with  " + request.text);


This works fine. And as expected gives an alert message.

But on changing the contentscript.js to something like this.

Wordlistonilne.Selector.dblClick = function(){
  var st = Wordlistonilne.Selector.getSelected();

function myMethod(action,message){
 alert("myMethod : action = " + action + "message = " + message);
 chrome.extension.sendRequest({'action' : action,'text': message});

  $(document).bind("dblclick", Wordlistonilne.Selector.dblClick);

I get the alert with the action and message. But the chrome.extension.sendRequest doesnt seem to work.

F1 F1 please help me out

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Did you try debugging? Chrome has an excellent js debugger, with breakpoints and everything. After you load your unpacked extensions, just click the active view or just set a breakpoint in your content script. –  bzlm Sep 2 '10 at 6:30

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