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i need a HTML to pdf component,which can convert the html to pdf with all the styles and designs...i have used itextsharp but the styles cannot be produced after conversion to pdf...

i need some free open source component to make the pdf conversion please help with valuable suggestions...

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To achieve this task I've used xhtmlrenderer together with ikvmc (to compile to a .NET assembly). I've used the following commands to compile the JAR file:

ikvmc -target:library itext.jar
ikvmc -target:library -reference:itext.dll core-renderer.jar

You will also need to put all the IKVM assemblies that the resulting file will have dependency on into your project.

As an alternative you could take a look at Aspose.Pdf which is a good commercial component.

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Try: https://www.articlage.com/adrianillo/article/htmltopdf

It´s MIT License.

Transform basic html and css, but html5 and css3 remains to be completed.

You can add code for completing librery, the code is: https://github.com/adrianillo/HtmlToPdf

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