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I have been using IntelliJ IDE (version 5.1) with Tomcat server (version 5.5) to build my Java web applications. I'm now trying to migrate my project to Eclipse IDE.

When I run my web application from IntelliJ IDE, it creates a exploded directory inside my web application project folder and then starts the server and runs the web app. (i.e. no WAR files and no copy to tomcat\webapps folder).

But in Eclipse IDE, it usually deploys the web app inside Tomcat's webapps folder.

Is there any way to deploy web applications to a exploded directory outside the Tomcat server, from Eclipse IDE?

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There is pretty neat Eclipse plug-ins you can install that will allow you to do that.

Have a look at Plug-in, tutorial and from Sysdeo.

Sysdeo is the one that both Apache and IBM suggests.

There are actually quite a bunch of these plug-ins from different vendors.

The trick is to find the one that best suits your needs.

Hope this helps.

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