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<rich:calendar id="orderpickDate" oninputfocus="check(#{myForm.packingListId})"

When creating a calendar you get an input field and an img that popups the calendar.

In the js function I can disable the input field:

function check(packId) {
  var canEditThisDate = true;

  // canEditThisDate = true/false <--  checked using jQuery.ajax() if date can still be
  // updated by the user

  if (! canEditThisDate) {
    jQuery("input[id='shipmentForm:orderpickDateInputDate']").attr("disabled", true);

The input field can then not be changed manually. But you can still click on the img and select a date and then the input field is updated with the selected day.

How can I disable the richfaces popup in the js function?

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Found a simple solution.

The input field id = shipmentForm:orderpickDateInputDate

The img id = shipmentForm:orderpickDatePopupButton

I Use following JQuery code:

        jQuery("[id*='shipmentForm:orderpickDate']").hover(function() {

And hide/show the img:

    function checkIfOrderPickDateCanBeUpdated(packId) {
        var ret = false;

              url: '/wms/seam/resource/dbutil?cmd=getFreightDocIdByPackId&amp;packId=' + packId,
              async: false,
              success: function(data) {
                  if (data == "0") {
                      ret = true;
                  } else {
                      ret = false;

        if (ret) {
            // enable order pick date field
        } else {
            jQuery("input[id='shipmentForm:orderpickDateInputDate']").attr("readonly", true);


        return ret;
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