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Say there is a selector $("#someID p") and that $(this) = $("#someID"). What selector would always be equal (if it was more complicated, like the example below) starting with $(this).


  I have the following selector: $( + " tr:eq(" + i + ") td:eq(" + j + ")")

  On that line, I have $(this) being equal to $(

  How would I remove from the first line and still keep the rest of the selector?

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$(this).find("tr:eq(" + i + ") td:eq(" + j + ")")


$("tr:eq(" + i + ") td:eq(" + j + ")", this)

Reference: find(), jQuery()

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+1 - I think this is what the OP was asking, but the question is really not clear. – Russ Cam Sep 2 '10 at 7:17
Both work, two answers is really useful too; – Havvy Sep 2 '10 at 7:22

If you don't wanna use element id, you need to provide full specific selector, take a look at this question: Get CSS path from Dom element

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