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I'm new to JasperReports. I want to pass ArrayList to subreport of subreport.

I have master report which contains one subreport1 and this subreport1 encapsulate one
subreport2 inside.

Now how to pass arrayList to subreport2?

Like MasterReport -> SubReport -> SubReport

Note: I am using iReport to create jasper template and passing datalist to jasper from my DAO java class.

Below is my Form bean Class

public class CollatReportData extends BaseItem {

    private List<CusipData> listCusipData = null;
    private String dealerID = null;
    private String tripID = null;
    private String loanNo = null;
    private String dealerName = null;
    private String tripDealerLoan = null;

    public CollatReportData() {

    public List<CusipData> getListCusipData() {
        return listCusipData;

    public void setListCusipData(List<CusipData> listCusipData) {
        this.listCusipData = listCusipData;

    public String getDealerID() {
        return dealerID;

    public void setDealerID(String dealerID) {
        this.dealerID = dealerID;

    public String getTripID() {
        return tripID;

    public void setTripID(String tripID) {
        this.tripID = tripID;
} // and so on for other variables..

My DAO java class is below

public List<Object> getCollatData(String custName, String ctripid, 
        String dealerid, String userID) {

    final Connection conn = super.getCurrentConnection();
    String sqlQueryTrip = null;
    ResultSet rsCollat = null;
    String tripID = null;
    String dealerID = null;
    String cusSysID = null;
    String loanNo = null;
    String txnNo = null;
    String cusipNo = null;
    String cusipStatus = null;
    String parVal = null;
    String tripDealerLoan = null;
    String OldtripDealerLoan = "";
    String NewtripDealerLoan = "";

    CollatReportData reportData = null;
    CusipData cusipData = null;
    List listCusip = new ArrayList<Object>();
    List CollatList = new ArrayList<Object>();
    try {
        PreparedStatement pstmtTrip;
        sqlQueryTrip = "SELECT iscl_sys_id, iscl_trip_id, iscl_trip_dealer_id, "
                + "iscl_cus_sys_id, iscl_bankref_cd, iscl_bdas_db_cd, "
                + "iscl_loan_no, iscl_txn_no, iscl_cusip_no, iscl_status_cd, "
                + "iscl_sec_de_tx, iscl_par_val_am, iscl_market_val_am, "
                + "scl_pri_source_cd, iscl_colla_mar_val_am, iscl_mature_dt, "
                + "iscl_sec_ty, iscl_sec_rt, iscl_sec_price_am, iscl_sec_factor, "
                + "iscl_sec_margin, iscl_sec_accrued_am "
                + "WHERE iscl_cus_sys_id='" + custName + "'";
        pstmtTrip = conn.prepareStatement(sqlQueryTrip);
        rsCollat = pstmtTrip.executeQuery();
        if (rsCollat != null) {
            while ( {
                tripID = rsCollat.getString("iscl_trip_id");
                dealerID = rsCollat.getString("iscl_trip_dealer_id");
                loanNo = rsCollat.getString("iscl_loan_no");

                tripDealerLoan = tripID + dealerID + loanNo;
                cusipData = new CusipData();

            } // end rsCollat
        } // end if
        CusipData cusipData1 = new CusipData();
        List CusipList = new ArrayList<Object>();

        for (int io = 0; io < listCusip.size(); io++) {
            cusipData1 = (CusipData) listCusip.get(io);
            NewtripDealerLoan = cusipData1.getTripDealerLoan();
            tripID = cusipData1.getTripID();
            dealerID = cusipData1.getDealerID();
            loanNo = cusipData1.getLoanNo();

            if (NewtripDealerLoan.equalsIgnoreCase(OldtripDealerLoan) || OldtripDealerLoan.equalsIgnoreCase("")) {

            if (!NewtripDealerLoan.equalsIgnoreCase(OldtripDealerLoan)) {
                reportData = new CollatReportData();
                //and so on

                CusipList = null;
            OldtripDealerLoan = NewtripDealerLoan;
    } catch (SQLException e) {
        // TODO Auto-generated catch block
        System.out.println("Inside LoanDetailDAO:strTripQuery:Exception" + sqlQueryTrip + e);

    return CollatList;

the above DAO class returns List and passing this Arraylist to Jasper template through Hashmap Param.

Below is my sample Master jasper template, from here i am passing ArrayList to subReport like

     <parameter name="list" isForPrompting="false" class="java.util.List"/>

        <band height="100"  isSplitAllowed="true" >
            <subreport  isUsingCache="true">
                <dataSourceExpression><![CDATA[new JRBeanCollectionDataSource( $P{list})]]></dataSourceExpression>
                <subreportExpression  class="java.lang.String"><![CDATA[$P{SUBREPORT_DIR} + "Collateral_SubReport1.jasper"]]></subreportExpression>

where $p{list} is ArrayList. and use this list to print in subReport1 asusual

while running the code, i am getting the below error:

Error retrieving field value from bean : tripID

Thanks for your help in advance.

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btw, you should really read more about Java generics - you are not using them properly. – Bozho Sep 6 '10 at 8:47
did this problem resolved? i'm frustrated since i'm having the similar problem. The array list object having another array list object and another array list object. i have 3 levels. – user581881 Jan 19 '11 at 18:42
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It's done by passing a collection data-source: new BeanCollectionDataSource(yourArrayList);

And then to obtain the JasperPrint object:

JasperPrint jasperPrint = 
      JasperFillManager.fillReport(jasperReport, params, dataSource);

To pass to a subreport, you have two options:

  • if it is a suberport-per-row, simply have the array as a property of the bean. I.e. List<Something> where Something has a property of type List<AnotherThing>
  • if it is one for the whole report, pass it as a parameter (params above).
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yes i know it. but how to pass it. can you provide me some sample example code briefly. i am able to pass arrayList to first subreport but not able to pass to supreport2 from subreport1(master-sureport1-subreport2). subreport2 is inside subreport1 – Manu Sep 2 '10 at 7:53
well, you show some code first - how are you obtaining your report in Java code. – Bozho Sep 2 '10 at 8:03
@Bozho.. my coding is huge, so i couldn't post it here.sorry for that. could you please post some sample code which is used to pass Arraylist to subreport of subreport. – Manu Sep 2 '10 at 8:36
@Bozho.. see my edited detail section information – Manu Sep 2 '10 at 8:44
well, it doesn't make it more clear. Perhaps you should identify the relvent pieces. Anyway, I added one line which I'm using to pass the data source to the report and get the result. – Bozho Sep 2 '10 at 9:13

Step:1 define a field like
field name="listCusipData" and class="java.util.ArrayList"

Step:2 use this expression inside your sub report dataSourceExpression

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You can do it using lists and/or subreports, datasources and JRBeanCollectionDatasource.

Check this example:

It's in Spanish, but by your name I guess you will be able to read it ;)

For non Spanish speakers you still can use it as at the end of the tutorial you can find the XML with the jrxml templates.

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