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How do I search for the property of an object in an array without using for loops in JavaScript?

If the array is a simple one I can use array.indexOf(value) to get the index, but what if the array is an array of objects? Other than looping any other way?

For example, ar = [{x,y},{p,q},{u,v}]. If searched for v, it should return the array index as 2.

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Searching for a value in an array typically requires a sequential search, which requires you to loop over each item until you find a match.

function search(ar, value) {
  var i, j;
  for (i = 0; i < ar.length; i++) {
    for (j in ar[i]) {  
      if (ar[i][j] === value) return i;

search([{'x': 'y'}, {'p': 'q'}, {'u': 'v'}], 'v'); // returns 2;
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yep , that way I understand. I thought if there is some inbuilt functions to do the search , like we can sort an array depending on the objects property using array.sort() and compare function. – sat Sep 2 '10 at 7:56
@sat: Not really. These are the methods available for Arrays:…. In JavaScript 1.6 there is the filter() method, but that would still be too complex for your requirement. – Daniel Vassallo Sep 2 '10 at 8:07
Thanks for the information. – sat Sep 2 '10 at 8:52

Searching for objects in JavaScript arrays

   /* quick fix naive short solution to be posted soon */
   /* array of objects with primitive property values only and no wrinkles */


             ) . match(/"x":/g)


javascript:   /*  Does the need to fortify this code imply JSON is stronger?  */
   alert(                                             /*  See wrinkles below  */
      [{x:1,y:2},,,{p:"q"},{u:{},vx:[],x:{y:{},x:5}}] . toSource() .
         match(/({|,)\s*x:/g) . join() . replace(/({|,)\s*x:/g,"x:")
   finds `x:,x:,x:`
         replace(/(({|,)\s*)([^,{:]*):/g,'$1"$3":') . match(/"x":/g)

find "x":,"x":,"x":.

Specific property found, done deal?

Hint, hint (but must be appropriately attenuated and amputated for nested animals):

        JSON.stringify([{x:1,y:2},{p:"q"},{u:{},v:[],x:{y:{},x:5}}]) . 

finds "x":,"y":,"p":,"u":,"v":,"x":,"y":,"x": (all properties - Done Now?)

More (a lot more) brain strain pain will find x:values and index of array positions (Hint count top level ,'s).

Amputate and attenuate hint (only removes nested array and object ,'s, see wrinkles):

         [ {u:{},vx:[,,], x:{y:{xx:''},x:5} }, "hmmm comma x colon \" monster" ],
/*  */ if(debug){
               function(a,b,c,d){alert([a,b,c,d].join("\n\n"));return a});
         function(a,b,c,d){alert([a,"\n",b,"\n",c]);return b.replace(/,/g,";")});
      alert(animal); }
/*  */   }

  /* the while loops on nesting depth not top array length */
      animal=animal.replace(/\{([^{}]*)\}|\[(.*)\]/g,       /* implicit g loop */
                  function(a,b,c,d){return (b+c).replace(/,/g," ")}); /* ditto */
   alert(animal);    /* as opposed to a non-lert animal? */


  • .toSource() IS stronger (but ... see above) and handles more situations than JSON
    ref: Implementing Mozilla's toSource() method in Internet Explorer

  • what if there are monsters with strings containing:
    1. ,'s . . . as in . . . [",,or",,{p:"1,2,3,"}]
    2. {x:...} or {"x":...} . . . as in . . . ['{"x":...}'," and ","{x:...}",,]
      (which will screw up the above coding using either JSON or toSource)
    3. nested monsters
    4. other monstrosities are mere chimeras ... not paid enough to do or prove
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