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I've been looking here for some answers to this question and have found some resources but not really found the "spot on" tutorial.

So i would be grateful for any posts of tutorials on howto get SOAP working in an iphone app.

I have seen that it can be done using NSURLconnection. But as I am pretty new to Objective C programming i would have wanted to see a step by step tutorial. Like an SOAP "Hello World" if you would like.

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Also, Alexander Griekspoor wrote a nice hands-on, two-part tutorial in MacResearch (part1).

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I wrote two tutorials covering SOAP in iPhone using Google's wsdl2objc, here and here

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Consuming SOAP services has traditionally been not an easy task in Cocoa, but things are changing. You could use wsdl2objc to generate Objective-C classes from WSDL. They have usage instructions here.

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