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I am looking for a collection of consistent, nice looking, system neutral document icons. For example, if you check the entry of PDF file format or the ZIP file format in wikipedia you find at right side a document icon for the respective file. However, these icons are neither free nor have a consistent design. Systems like OS X, Windows, KDE come with a set of consistent designs, but I assume they are not free.

It would be OK for me to buy a license for a set of icons. For example you find such sets on iStockphoto.com, but usually the set contains only a very limited number of file types / mime type (say .txt, .html, .css, .pdf, .doc., .xls, .ppt, .zip).

The reason why I am asking is that I want to display such icons in my iPhone App and iOS itself does not provide these icons. Of course, for this application the icons should follow the iOS icon design guidelines (there is a nice article on the icon design philosophy (e.g. viewing angle, etc.) for OS X in the Apple OS X HIG).

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There are somme collection at the openicon libray. While not perfect, most of the collections are internaly consistant. Can't make any assumption about suitablilty with apple design, however.

There is also the cristal clear collection


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