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I have a Android application that requires a splash screen. I have a simple activity which shows the splash screen and after a number of seconds, it starts the 'main' activity. Now, when a user presses the back button from that activity, the splash screen shows again. How can I prevent this? I tried keeping a boolean shownSplash and this partially works, but when the app is running and the user wants to open it from the app-launcher, the app exits (since splash calls finish() when splashShown is true). Any ideas?

Thanks, Erik

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Set android:noHistory="true" to the activity entry at the AndroidManifest.xml. That will prevent the activity from being saved on the stack.

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Nice. Before I used the finish() method before starting the main activity. This seems to be the better approach, although the other solution worked too. –  Konsumierer Mar 22 '11 at 9:16

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