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How to open popupwindow while clicking on Display tag column.

I have popupSmallWindow(this, 'update') javascript to open the popup. i need to call this from display tag.while clicking this below column.

paramName  = "propertyTypeId"
Value = propertyType.propertyTypeId
action= editType.action

And need to call popupSmallWindow(this, 'update')

<displayEL:column property="propertyType.propertyTypeName" 
                        titleKey="common.propertytype" sortable="true" style="width:30%" />
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What is a "display tag column"? –  Pekka 웃 Sep 2 '10 at 11:38
He's talking about "Displaytag", which is a Java/JSP tool for table layout. –  Pointy Sep 2 '10 at 12:15

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You're going to have to write Javascript code to find the column(s) after the page loads. Give the column a class value like "popupHere", and then in your "load" handler you can add a click handler to the cell.

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But i tried defining url inside it for <a href="#" onclick="popupSmallWindow(this, 'update')">content</a> and it worked. But sorting is not working properly. its misbehaving.. –  Jothi Sep 2 '10 at 12:37
Well it's going to sort by the actual contents of the table cell. You can give the tag a "sortProperty" attribute and see if that helps. –  Pointy Sep 2 '10 at 12:39
Hi Pointy, great, thanks.It worked. –  Jothi Sep 2 '10 at 12:53

In case it helps. the following is what I use :

<display:column property="name" titleKey="org.name"  href="javascript:openWin('#')" paramId="id" paramProperty="id"/> 

        function openWin(idVal) 
                idVal= idVal.substring(0, idVal.length-1); 
                var url = 'detail.html?id='+ idVal; 
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