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I have added an img tag inside title attribute,but the img tag shows as text when hover over link(using hovertip js),and does not display an image.What needs to be done?

<a title="4r23r 2342.00 &lt;img src=/m/productsmedia/IHALE.GIF&gt;" class="product_detail " href="/?product=6" id="0">4r23r</a>
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Inhale deeply You did what!? –  Yi Jiang Sep 2 '10 at 11:28

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You cannot! You need to use custom tooltip look-a-like effect with IMG insdie DIV and on mouseHover event.

Here is an example.

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This is not possible in HTML, at least not what you appear to be attempting.

If you want a clickable image, you put the img tag inside the a tag, not inside an attribute:

<a title="4r23r 2342.00" class="product_detail " href="/?product=6" id="0">
 <img src="/m/productsmedia/IHALE.GIF" />

If you want a tooltip that contains an image, you need to code it using javascript and css. There are plenty of articles describing how to achieve this.

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