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while try to read the ACL Table of a folder, I ran into this problem:

In a C++ tool (MFCMAPI) this method is used to get the Property PR_ACL_TABLE in a usable data type:

// Open the table in an IExchangeModifyTable interface
  (LPUNKNOWN FAR *)&lpExchTbl));

I figured out to do this in python win32:

table = mystore.OpenProperty(mapitags.PR_ACL_TABLE, IID_IExchangeModifyTable, 0 , mapi.MAPI_DEFERRED_ERRORS)

But it seems that the MAPI Extension does not know the IID_IExchangeModifyTable type. I just got just this error:

AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'IID_IExchangeModifyTable'

Does anybody know another way to get and modify the ACL data from exchange via the MAPI (and python)?

Thanks - Marquies

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Just an idea : did you try to generate this type with the win32 com makepy utility? Not sure because I don't have exchange installed and not very familliar with this API. I hope it helps – luc Sep 2 '10 at 12:26

According to the docs, you need a PyIID object.

However, in almost all cases, functions that expect a CLSID/IID as a param will accept either a string object, or a native PyIID object.

That said, I've seen mapi.IID_IMessage used with the OpenProperty method.

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Thanks Mark, the I tried mapi.IID_IExchangeModifyTable before, maybe it is just a copy&paste error on my side. The problem is that the Python MAPI has no implementation for the IID_IExchangeModifyTable interface. This is confirmed on the bugtracker: sourceforge.net/tracker/… – marquies Sep 3 '10 at 8:14

IExchangeModifyTable is declared in edkmdb.h Are you using mapi33 in python? Is that interface even declared in mapi33? You can use RDOFolder.ACL in Redemption: http://www.dimastr.com/redemption/rdo/RDOACL.htm

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Thanks for the edkmdb.h hint. I used some libs from MFCMAPI to write an extension of pywin32 mapi to get this work. I will contribute it to the project, let's see if it is welcome. – marquies Sep 20 '10 at 14:58

It looks like you are trying to access the ACL table on a message store object. As far as I know, ACL tables are specific to folder objects and don't exist on message stores. Try using your "mystore" object to open a particular folder within the store, and then call OpenProperty on the folder object to retrieve the ACL table. Make sure you open the folder object with the MAPI_NO_CACHE and MAPI_MODIFY flags specified as well.

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