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I need to call a wcf ria domain service and I want to use filtering. I need to code the http url explicitly myself. I found the following example on the net here:

https: //..../SnagAllPeeps?$where=(Age%3e35)

This will call SnagAllPeeps such that all returned items have an Age property with a value greater than 35. What I need is to do essentially the same for properties of type DateTime. But how are these serialized? I tried something like:

https: //..../SnagAllPeeps?$where=(PostedOn%3e0001-01-01T00%3a00%3a00)

But this does not work. Any idea what the right format is or how I can find out?

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enter link description hereHi, the two classes you need here are QueryStringConverter and JsonQueryStringConverter. Hope that helps!

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