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how to dynamically redefine columns in flexigrid?

i have tried the followings:

model = [{ .../*some new columns model*/ } ];

target.flexOptions({colModel: model});

without any luck :/

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I just had this same problem.

The bes I could do was create a wrapper div for the flexigrid's div and empty the wrapper/recreate the flexigrid everytime I needed to change the colmodel. Something like:

$("#flexigridContainer").append($("<div>").attr("id", "reporteFlexigrid"));

var report = $("#cmbValReports option:selected").attr("value");
var colModel;
    case 1: url = ""; colModel = abonosFlexigridModel(); break;
    case 2: url = ""; colModel = cgeneralFlexigridModel(); break;
    case 3: url = ""; colModel = cccostoFlexigridModel(); break;
    case 4: url = ""; colModel = prestamoFlexigridModel(); break;

    initFlexigrid(url, colModel);

And the initFlexigrid was something like

function initFlexigrid(purl, pcolModel){
$("#reporteFlexigrid").flexigrid({url: purl, colModel: pcolModel, ... }); }

It worked for me :-)

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try this

  model = [{ .../*some new columns model*/ } ];
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nope , this doesn't work, i have worked around it by predefining all the columns first and hide it :) –  Yman Sep 15 '10 at 11:29

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