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my web application is installed on a Server A like --> GO to Server A --> GO to Server A

and for performance reasons I would like have /myApp/ on an another Server B but using the same domain --> GO to Server A --> GO to Server B

How to do it?

I use MS .net 4, IIS 7 on MS Server.


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Do you have a load balancer in front of servers A and B so that you could direct traffic appropriately? Do you have a firewall that may be able to support a rule to route traffice with that "/myApp" to go to B? Those would be my suggestions for ways to do it without changing the servers. However, if you did have to change the server, I would consider having an ISAPI filter that moves the requests to the other machine, but this is likely done better by setting up different domain names so that you have a and a so that each can resolve to a different server. If you do that, then server A just has to redirect the request to the other server for a simpler solution. Anyway, that is a few different ways to do it that I can see.

The trade-offs in firewall vs load balancer are really probably quite minuscule as many big sites have load balancers and firewalls, though I'd question the cost difference in having a load balancer versus changing firewall settings. I'd also investigate how feasible each option is for your situation.

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Hi, I cannot use another sub domains but must stay on the same first level domain and is sub folder, what is performance best... load balance or firewall generally? – GibboK Sep 2 '10 at 12:45

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