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I'm interested in adding to some of my sites the official Tweet button which Twitter have recently released.

For those unaware, the tweet button is a simple bit of JS which you can drop in to a page and it allows your users to easily tweet about the page in question, much like the facebok "share" button.

There are 3 different styles available:

Tweet button styles

The horizontal count button is the one I'd like to put on my pages. My problem is that roughly half of my pages are likely to have a zero count, and I'd rather not show the count when this is the case. The facebook share button, for example, handles this particular situation well - if there are > 0 shares, then it shows the count. Otherwise the count stays hidden.

I've gone through the twitter docs, and can't seem to find a way of specifying this in the JS parameters.

I also spent some time trying to capture the count via jquery and hide it, but quickly ran in to cross-domain permission issues -


returns a Permission denied error due to the iframe being loaded from

Has anyone yet found a successful way to get this button to conditionally show the tweet counts as described above?

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Guess this would be easy when Twitter makes the Tweet button count-api public. – vsr Dec 26 '10 at 7:10
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A google search later, found which talks about how to use the count api

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Not the most elegant solution, but you could always stagger the release of the different button types.

Eg, show the 'no count' button initially, then display the 'horiztonal count' say, a week from the publication date. (i'm making the assumption you're running some type of blog)

Again, not great, but it partially solves your problem - you'll display the 'zero tweets' button less often.

Regards Luke

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