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Best methods to parse HTML

How can I parse HTML code held in a PHP variable if it something like:

<h1>T1</h1>Lorem ipsum.<h1>T2</h1>The quick red fox...<h1>T3</h1>... jumps over the lazy brown FROG!

I want to only get the text that's between the headings and I understand that it's not a good idea to use Regular Expressions.

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@everyone who closed this is duplicate. This is different because OP does not want text T1, T2, T3 but the text after one heading ends and before next heading begins. e.g. Lorem ipsum.. So, this is different. Please take a look. –  shamittomar Sep 3 '10 at 10:03

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Use PHP Document Object Model:

   $str = '<h1>T1</h1>Lorem ipsum.<h1>T2</h1>The quick red fox...<h1>T3</h1>... jumps over the lazy brown FROG';
   $DOM = new DOMDocument;

   //get all H1
   $items = $DOM->getElementsByTagName('h1');

   //display all H1 text
   for ($i = 0; $i < $items->length; $i++)
        echo $items->item($i)->nodeValue . "<br/>";

This outputs as:


[EDIT]: After OP Clarification:

If you want the content like Lorem ipsum. etc, you can directly use this regex:

   $str = '<h1>T1</h1>Lorem ipsum.<h1>T2</h1>The quick red fox...<h1>T3</h1>... jumps over the lazy brown FROG';
   echo preg_replace("#<h1.*?>.*?</h1>#", "", $str);

this outputs:

Lorem ipsum.The quick red fox...... jumps over the lazy brown FROG

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Thanks, but I need to get the text between <h1></h1> as in: "Lorem ipsum.", "The quick red fox..." etc. So not the text between H1 tags, but rather the text between an ending </h1> tag and a starting <h1>. –  Francisc Sep 2 '10 at 16:00
@Francisc, I have updated the answer. –  shamittomar Sep 2 '10 at 16:53
That's closer, thank you. I'll try to be more clear: I want to get the text between headings, count its length and decide if I want to hide part of it. You're answer is very helpful though. But what I want to do is keep all the text, just add a bit of html to hide part of it. –  Francisc Sep 2 '10 at 17:29
Worked it out from your answer, thanks. –  Francisc Sep 3 '10 at 9:37

If it something simple you can alwyas try PHP's function strip_tags

link: http://php.net/manual/en/function.strip-tags.php

It strips html tags from strings.

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But the OP wants text that's between the headings. Pleas read the question carefully. –  shamittomar Sep 2 '10 at 13:50
Yeah, thanks shamittomar. Tjorriemorrie: strip_tags wouldn't do the trick, and even if it did, it would strip any tags the text has as well, and I want to keep the formatting. –  Francisc Sep 2 '10 at 16:01

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