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I have a constructor that take two interfaces, they are the same interface, but need to be different implementations:

public class Foo
    public Foo(IBar publicData, IBar privateData)

What I'd like to happen is that structuremap would pass in a concrete implementation of IBar as class PublicData and class PrivateData for the different arguments. Is this possible?


In fact, to make sure there is enough information:

The real classes that I'm working with look like this:

public abstract class EFRepository<T> : IRepository<T>
    protected EFRepository(IUnitOfWork publicUnitOfWork, 
                           IUnitOfWork privateUnitOfWork)


And an implementation of EFRepository might look like this:

public partial class ClaimRepository: EFRepository<Claim>, IClaimRepository
    public ClaimRepository(IUnitOfWork publishedUnitOfWork, 
                          IUnitOfWork unpublisedUnitOfWork) 
           : base(publishedUnitOfWork, unpublisedUnitOfWork)

So when I request and instance of IClaimRepository from structure map I want the implementation to be given the correct unit of work objects, which in my instance are essentially two different databases, so it's the same code with different connection strings.

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Haven't compiled and tested, but it should work in principle:


  .Ctor<IBar>("publicData").Is(d => d.TheInstanceNamed("public"))
  .Ctor<IBar>("privateData").Is(d => d.TheInstanceNamed("private"));

Edit: For making this by convention an IRegistrationConvention could be used

public class FooConvention : IRegistrationConvention
  static readonly Type PluginType = typeof(IFoo);

  public void Process(Type type, Registry registry)
     if (type.IsAbstract || !type.IsClass || !PluginType.IsAssignableFrom(type))


The convention would be applied in a scan

Scan(scan => 

See the Scanning Assemblies section in the SM docs for further info.

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Is there a way that this can be applied to a conventions based system? I'd rather not have to manually wire up all my repositories. –  ilivewithian Sep 6 '10 at 8:58
See my edit for a possible approach that I have used. –  PHeiberg Sep 6 '10 at 9:28

Setup the configuration as follows:


Then get the instances as follows:

IBar privateData = ObjectFactory.GetInstance<IBar>();
IBar publicData = ObjectFactory.GetInstance<IBar>();

IFoo foo = ObjectFactory

This is just a suggestion. I stand corrected :-)

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