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Ten updates a second, what would be the best way to do that? Aside from WebSockets (not fully implemented) what can accomplish this?

Would creating a Java Applet be worth it? Can you interact with the DOM in that fashion?

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First 10 updates a second does not imply 10 messgaes a second to the browser, you can piggy-back updates to send one message a second (say) - no point in updates faster than the eye can see.

Commetd/Bayeuax worked for me.

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Yes a JAVA Applet or any other Applet like Flex or Silverlight would be able to handle that speed.

As for the server side, I think you need a push server, you can't reach that rate of 10 responses / sec if each response is triggered by a client side polling request. You you've got to let the flow of data come asynchronously from the server.

Examples of push server : Push Framework :

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