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I have the DBML file of a database and would like to generate an SQL database file from this file.


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There's a method on the Data Context called CreateDatabase() that you could use.

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I know of no available utilities that do that, and it's a bit much to do for a SO answer.

But, for the most part, it's not that big a deal. The DBML file is written in XML; it should be easy to read via Linq-to-xml. Then just split out the SQL commands for the values in the xml into a script file. Then run the script. (It also could be done with a XSLT transformation)

<Table Name="dbo.Person" Member="Persons"> 




  <Column Name="PersonID" Type="System.Int32" DbType="Int NOT NULL IDENTITY"
          IsPrimaryKey="true" IsDbGenerated="true" CanBeNull="false">

  <Column Name="AddressID" Type="System.Int32" DbType="Int NOT NULL" 


 PersonID Int NOT NULL,
 AddressID int NOT NULL,

and so on.

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