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How Does localStorage in HTML5 work? I searched every where (even in SO ) to find the actual internal logic of localStorage, but I ended up with visiting some examples which uses localStorage. I haven't found any useful Answer to my question. Can Someone post me a link or explain about the working of localStorage

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I'm not necessarily sure what you're looking for here...but the internal implementation of localStorage is going to be browser specific. I wouldn't count on any two browsers implementing the feature the same way internally (just like everything, the implementation and performance will give each browser a different advantage).

If you're really interested, I'd suggest pulling down the Chromium source and seeing how they implement things internally.

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Or view the Firefox implementation at… – Marcel Korpel Sep 2 '10 at 15:00

You can use a simple jQuery plugin for store information using localStorage or cookie. This plugin it's useful because you don't need control if the browser has or hasn't suport to localStorage.

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