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i can't find any basic documentation on this sdk (am i just being stupid or looking in the wrong place?). i can't work out what this method:

- (void)request:(FBRequest*)request didLoad:(id)result

actually returns in the case of a request like this:


or this:


result seems to be an nsdictionary, but i don't know what to expect in it etc.

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Confirmed with following codes

 if ([result isKindOfClass:[NSDictionary class]]) {
      NSLog(@"count : %d ", [result count]);
      NSArray* resultArray = [result allObjects];

      NSLog(@"count : %d ", [result count]);
      result = [resultArray objectAtIndex:0];

      NSLog(@"count : %d ", [result count]);
      result = [result objectAtIndex:0];

      [self.label setText:[result objectForKey:@"name"]];
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If i understood your question, you were looking for the documentation for the Graph API calls for Facebook. You can find it here :


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