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Hi Im using silverlight ria services and trying to called a domain service method

the domain service class signature goes like this public class UserDomainService : DomainService

and I have a simple operation to return data

public IQueryable GetUsers() { return userService.GetAll() ).AsQueryable();


this compiles fine an a silverlight proxy is generated on the silverlight client side

how ever when makeing calls from silverlight eg

LoadOperation op = UserDomainContext.Load(UserDomainContext.GetUsers(),UserLoadedCallback,null);

        int i = op.Entities.Count();

i is always 0, the domain servcice method is never hit when i put a breakpoint, please help!!!

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You may not have enough detailed code to see the exact problem.

Have you put [EnableClientAccess()] on the service class?

The proxy must be generated because it must be compiling to run.

Hope it helps

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