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I'm having trouble resetting StructureMap's configuration. This only fails when I run all my tests en mass. A previous test is Injecting an instance of SingleInvoicePresenter, but by the time I get to this test, I need all caching gone. I would think that ResetDefaults() would clear any previously injected objects out, but this test fails on the assert (when run with all the other tests)

    StructureMap.ObjectFactory.Configure(x => { x.For<SingleInvoicePresenter>().AlwaysUnique(); });

    SingleInvoicePresenter P1 = StructureMap.ObjectFactory.GetInstance<SingleInvoicePresenter>();
    SingleInvoicePresenter P2 = StructureMap.ObjectFactory.GetInstance<SingleInvoicePresenter>();

    Assert.AreNotSame(P1, P2);

Edit - I would think this would work even without the line

StructureMap.ObjectFactory.Configure(x => { x.For<SingleInvoicePresenter>().AlwaysUnique(); });

but it fails with or without it.

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Using the global objectfactory of structuremap should be avoided in your unit tests. Rather in your test setup you would want to create a new container and pass that or an Icontainer reference into your system under test.

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