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I have an existing silverlight application that I'm now adding support for calling a new web service. I've added the (WCF) web service project to the same solution as the silverlight app.

When I start debugging the silverlight application Visual Studio will start two separate ASP.NET web servers (WebDev.WebServer40.exe, the one that runs in the system notification area/tray) for both the silverlight and web service applications.

This is not exactly what I'd like, it would be nice if I could host both the silverlight app and the web service from the same development server.

Two development servers are sort-of workable by:

  • Adding the cross-domain file to the service. This way I can connect to the service.

  • Manually attaching my debugger to the web service process. This allows for setting break points in the web service code.

Is there a better way? A way w/o using a full-blown IIS (or should I)?

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