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I need to give users the functionality to sort a list of products based on several pre-selected field names. The products list is structured roughly like ...

<span class="productList">
 <div class="product">
  <p><strong class="sortName">Title</strong></p>
  <p>Weight: <span class="sortWeight">3.50</span> pounds</p>
  <p>Price: <span class="sortPrice">$24.99</span></p>
 <div class="product">
  <p><strong class="sortName">Other Title</strong></p>
  <p>Weight: <span class="sortWeight">7.00</span> pounds</p>
  <p>Price: <span class="sortPrice">$100.00</span></p>

The JQuery bit I'm running to sort them goes something like ...

function sortPDGproducts(args)
  var mylist = $('span#productList');
  var listitems = mylist.children('div.product').get();
  listitems.sort(function(a, b) {
     var compA = $(a).find('.sort'+args.selectedVal).text().toUpperCase();
     var compB = $(b).find('.sort'+args.selectedVal).text().toUpperCase();
     return (compA < compB) ? -1 : (compA > compB) ? 1 : 0;
  $.each(listitems, function(idx, itm) { mylist.append(itm); });
  return true;

with the possible values that args.selectedVal could get passed being Weight, Price, Name ...

Currently, it works, it just sorts them as if they were strings -- therefore, 3.50 > 12.00, and $5.00 > $30.00

I realize that I will need to (probably) modify the price fields, so that it outputs without the $ sign, but is there any better way to compare them, so that it compares based on numbers, if they appear to be floats (for example), and if not, defaults to string comparison? Ideally, I'd like the solution to be extensible enough that I don't need to run an ifcheck in the function, and have the name of the args.selectedVal determine the sort of comparison I use.

So … thoughts?

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please format the question for readability, you need to answet a tab (or four spaces) at the start of each line in your code, or use the code button. –  aularon Sep 2 '10 at 17:02
Did, but it kicked it back, then stopped working. Doesn't like Chrome perhaps? And yes, that is with using the code button. –  Daljo628 Sep 2 '10 at 19:09

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