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I have an msi built using WiX. Part of the installer collects some settings that will be entered into the app.config file of the installed app.

Now it works fine if I define <util:XmlFile ... for each setting that is going to change in the wxs file.

Now my question is this: is there a way I can dynamically create this util:XmlFile tag (e.g. from a custom action) so that I don't have to hard code it in to the wxs for each setting the app.config to update.

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How does it do the collection? Are you doing an AppSearch and populating properties? Can you just use the [PROPERTY] in your XmlFile element? Note [PROP] is the value of PROP in MSI speak.

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I looked into using that option however I could not see a way to use that option without hardcoding the property names I want to collect into my WSX file. Essentially I have solved my issue by writing the settings I collect to a temporary xml file and this then allows me the most flexibility. – John Sep 7 '10 at 13:10

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