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A project requirement is that it be 1 way deeplinkable(a specific query string will load a section within the swf).

I have a URLProxy that I use for all external linking. It makes sense to me to put the query string logic in this proxy.

So in the constructor, I check for a querystring, and then send a notification if it equals a predefined value.

One problem with this is that I'd like to predefine this query string key value I am checking against in an external xml file.

So another proxy, loads-parses this config xml, then the URL proxy checks against this.

Is there a better approach to what I am trying to do?

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not very clean question for me, if you can please explain more detailed, and for now:

maybe there are some sense to send something like GET\POST or just variables to your proxy, but where from you are calling it, its another one question to you.

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I'm a little late to the party here, but if anyone needs this, you should use swfAddress to deep link in to flash via the url.


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