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I have just started to work with Ninject 2.0 with ASP.NET MVC 2. So, I have an interface IMongoRepository and class MongoRepository.

MongoRepository receives a parameter string collection.

Depending on the collection I want to use, I pass in a different value in parameter for MongoRepository. I hope I am phrasing this correctly, but how would I map different parameters depending on the Controller I am using?

For example, in the Article controller I would call:

_articlesRepository = new MongoRepository("Articles");

and in the PageController I would call:

_pagesController = new MongoRepository("Pages");

What I would like to do is just do constructor injection and just pass in IMongoRepository. Any ideas or suggestions?

By the way, I am just learning about the IOC/DI; so, I am open to any tips from the IOC ninjas! Thanks!

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This link seems promising! stackoverflow.com/questions/3313940/… –  Abe Sep 2 '10 at 22:51

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Try the following:

Bind<IMongoRepository>().To<MongoRepository>().WhenInjectedInto<ArticleController>().WithConstructorArgument("topic", "Article");
Bind<IMongoRepository>().To<MongoRepository>().WhenInjectedInto<PagesController>().WithConstructorArgument("topic", "Pages");

Assuming that the constructor's argument is called topic.

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