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This is really just re-asking this question asked about Visual Studio 2008. Does VS2010 offer any feature to get rid of the CS1591 compiler warning for auto-generated code?

CS1591: Missing XML comment for publicly visible type or member

To quote the question for VS2008:

This is an annoyance more than a problem. My project contains a number of autogenerated files (using mgmtclassgen.exe). When I generate the XML documentation, my beautifully commented library is plagued by xml documentation warnings from these autogen files.

Is there a way to either a) suppress generating documentation for these files or b) suppress warning CS1591 just for a set of files? I obviously do not want to modify files that are autogenerated, even if to just add suppression pragmas.

EDIT: In my case, the offending files are generated by WCF RIA Services, so the file that is generating the errors is the auto-generated WebContext class (MyProject.BusinessApplication.Web.g.cs).

I cannot hand modify this file because it is generated on the fly, all changes will be wiped out. I also don't want to globally disable the warning, as it is helpful in my non-autogenerated code.

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I was having a similar issue with auto-generated entity framework classes. I managed to solve it by modifying the template file. This obviously won't work for all auto-generated scenarios and it may not apply to your particular RIA scenario, but I'll post here for anybody else that may be having the same issue.

Open the template file ( and find the auto-generated xml comment section

// <auto-generated>
//    This code was generated from a template.
//    Manual changes to this file may cause unexpected behavior in your application.
//    Manual changes to this file will be overwritten if the code is regenerated.
// </auto-generated>

Add the following line right after the comment block

#pragma warning disable 1591 

A little below that, you should find where the namespace block ends. It will probably look something like this

if (!String.IsNullOrEmpty(ObjectNamespace))

Place the following line after that closing brace

#pragma warning restore 1591

If everything worked correctly, whenever your classes are auto-generated by Entity Framework, they should be wrapped by the disable/restore pragma statements. This should suppress the warnings about no XML comments in your EF classes without suppressing the warnings at the project level.

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The following article may trigger you some tips to solve the issue:

The important part of the article is the comment by Alan McBee: for disabling the warnings generated in windows workflow VS2012+ add this to the bottom of your project file:

<Target Name="XamlGeneratedCodeWarningRemoved" AfterTargets="MarkupCompilePass2">
  <Exec Command="for %%f in (@(_GeneratedCodeFiles)) do echo #pragma warning disable 1591 > %%f.temp" />
  <Exec Command="for %%f in (@(_GeneratedCodeFiles)) do type %%f >> %%f.temp" />
  <Exec Command="for %%f in (@(_GeneratedCodeFiles)) do echo #pragma warning restore 1591 >> %%f.temp" />
  <Exec Command="for %%f in (@(_GeneratedCodeFiles)) do move /y %%f.temp %%f" />
  <Message Text="Xaml Generated Code Warnings Removed: @(_GeneratedCodeFiles)" />
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very interesting, – Andrew Garrison Dec 1 '10 at 18:23

Simmilarily to Quam Loc's solution it is possible to disable warnings in RIA generated files using a build target:

<Target Name="CreateRiaClientFilesTaskDisableWarnings" AfterTargets="CreateRiaClientFiles">
  <Exec Command="for %%f in (@(RiaClientGeneratedFiles)) do echo #pragma warning disable &gt; %%f.temp" />
  <Exec Command="for %%f in (@(RiaClientGeneratedFiles)) do type %%f &gt;&gt; %%f.temp" />
  <Exec Command="for %%f in (@(RiaClientGeneratedFiles)) do attrib -r %%f" />
  <Exec Command="for %%f in (@(RiaClientGeneratedFiles)) do move /y %%f.temp %%f" />
  <Exec Command="for %%f in (@(RiaClientGeneratedFiles)) do attrib +r %%f" />
  <Message Text="CreateRiaClientFilesTaskDisableWarnings: @(RiaClientGeneratedFiles)" />

I've just posted about it on my blog.

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I was facing similar issue. What I did was in whichever page if there aren't any XML Comments for the Namespace, just add the below line of code and you wont face similar error.

'/// <summary>
/// Namespace provides implementation for ABC classes.
/// </summary>
class NamespaceDoc
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