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Such as for delayed_job, there is tobi's version and collectiveidea's version.


Who decides what goes into gem install delayed_job? (Does rubygems.org's contain all the official ones?) And if we use anything directly from GitHub, how do we decide which fork to use -- such as tobi's or collectiveidea's version?

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Whomever checked in the gem to rubyforge.org controls what is in the gem.

Added: here is an overview of adding a gem to the rubyforge repo.

But often you may want to use a gem that is not in rubyforge.org. You can do that too. You can have your own repository of gems if you want; or download the gem and install locally (no repo).

Re which fork of a popular project should I use?

Check the readme's of the forks, change files, etc. Try to determine which is the most tested, current, etc.

Also ask in the forums/groups/community that supports the project.

Welcome to delayed_job, it's great.

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