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I have the following route defined in routes.rb:

map.search 'fuzzyleads/search/:url', :controller => 'fuzzyleads', :action => 'search', :method => 'get'

The problem is that I cannot get this test to pass:

def test_search_route
  assert_generates "fuzzyleads/search/someurl", { :controller => "fuzzyleads", :action => "search", :url => "someurl" }

It does not like the url part, I get the following error:

found extras <{:url=>"someurl"}>, not <{}>

I have no idea why, can anyone see what I am doing wrong?

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Have you tried with a name other than 'url'? It is possible that it is conflicting with something internal to the routing process so it would be worth ruling that out. –  Shadwell Sep 2 '10 at 20:15

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The output of rake routes would help us make a little better guess. Here's how I tested using rails-2.3.8:

(1) Added your route as the second route in config/routes.rb

(2) Created the following rspec test:

it "should have valid route for fuzzyleads search" do
  route_for(:controller => 'fuzzyleads', :action => 'search', :url => 'someurl').should ==

But this failed with the following:

ActionController::RoutingError in 'FuzzyLeadsController should have valid route for fuzzyleads search'                   
No route matches "/fuzzyleads/search/someurl" with {:method=>:get}                                                  
If you're expecting this failure, we suggest {:get=>"/fuzzyleads/search/someurl"}.should_not be_routable 

But when I removed the :method restriction everything worked successfully. Adding :method => 'get' wasn't sufficient to make the test pass. I've seen similar failures when I've set conditions on routes that haven't been met, so I'd guess something similar is happening in your case.

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