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Let's say I have a WinForm that has a menu strip in it. Let's say one of the items of this menu strip is named Cars.

Whenever I open my WinForm, I want to add a subitem under Cars for every car in a table.

Is this possible to do with code?

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string[] cars = new string[]{"Volvo", "SAAB"};

foreach (var car in cars)
    ToolStripItem subItem = new ToolStripMenuItem(car);

Note: If you add an event to the subItem, make sure you unsubscribe to that event if you are refreshing the list repeatedly, otherwise you will have a memory leak.

Note2: If you have many items you should use DropDownItems.AddRange instead for performance reasons.

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For some reason, DropDownItems isn't an available option from intellitext... Any ideas? – sooprise Sep 3 '10 at 13:46
@Soo, what type is your Cars menu item? When I create a menu in the designer my Cars menu is a ToolStripMenuItem. – Albin Sunnanbo Sep 3 '10 at 19:30

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