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So I am trying to implement a global highscore for my game in google apps engine java. The information I want to retrieve is twofold:

  1. Which position did the user place?

  2. How many percent of all records did he beat?

The second question is solved if I solve the first one, and find a way to count the total number of rows in the database. But I know how to do neither. An ineffective solution is easy to implement, but I would prefer something that could handle a big table without slowing down.


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See this question:

In particular you could try porting this library (or the parts of it you need) to Java:

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The following two answers address counting rows in a database in App Engine:

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Counting all the highscores better than the one submitted every time you want to know its rank is a recipe for extreme slowness. – Nick Johnson Sep 3 '10 at 8:42

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