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I use C#, VS 2008, winforms app, for download images JPG, automatized way.

Some images haven't downloaded right. I think many bytes (more 70% bytes of image corrupted) not write well in filesystem (folder). I try view the image JPG "corrupt" (using Preview view in WinXP) and I can view 20%-30% of imagen,but 70%-80% is wrong, and I see gray color (I test that the color is Color [A=255, R=128, G=128, B=128]).

I have a image "corrupted". Issues: Photoshop detect it is corrupted. Anothers applications cannot open it. Paint can open it. Windows Preview can open it to.

Now, I have this code:

 public static bool EsImagenJpegCorrectaCompletamente(string filePath)

                if (!IsJpeg(filePath)) return false;

                using (var test = Image.FromFile(filePath))
                    var b = new Bitmap(test);
                    var size = b.Size;
                    var limiteEnEjeX = (int) (size.Width/2);
                    if (limiteEnEjeX == 0) limiteEnEjeX = size.Width;

                    //  Color [A=255, R=128, G=128, B=128]
                    var colorGray = Color.FromArgb(255, 128, 128, 128);
                    var todosLosPixelesEnRangoDeterminadoSonGray = true;
                    for (var y = size.Height - 1; y > size.Height - 11; y--)
                        for (int x = 0; x < limiteEnEjeX; x++)
                            var colorPixel = b.GetPixel(x, y);
                            if (!colorPixel.Equals(colorGray))
                                todosLosPixelesEnRangoDeterminadoSonGray = false;
                            Trace.WriteLine("x: " + x + "y: " + y + " " + colorPixel.ToString());

                    // La imagen no se ha guardado en disco correctamente
                    if (todosLosPixelesEnRangoDeterminadoSonGray) return false;

                    return true;
            catch (OutOfMemoryException ex)
                // Image.FromFile will throw this if file is invalid. 
                // Don't ask me why. 
                return false;


I need automatized way for detect those images JPG "corrupt", all cases (100%). any sample code, suggestions?

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Why don't you show us how you are downloading and we will fix the code. – Hogan Sep 2 '10 at 22:01
the code is right I think, only "corrupt" 1 image of 1000 images, is low percentage, but I need detect it – Kiquenet Sep 2 '10 at 22:06
hmmm.... well if 70% of the bytes are correct then I think it is that you are using 7 bit bytes instead of 8 bit ones. Try changing a few things to unsigned -- see if that helps. Or you could just post the code. – Hogan Sep 3 '10 at 18:50
My money says he's not flushing the stream – Hounshell Sep 4 '10 at 10:38
My way to download file image is similar like this: – Kiquenet Sep 15 '10 at 17:24

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