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Let's say that you're using some black box library (i.e. no source code) that sets your cursor to something when rolling over a certain sprite. You can override that by catching rollOver and rollOut events, blocking propagation and using the CursorManager.

Question: is there a way to tell the CursorManager to use the system cursor?

Obviously, I could feed the CursorManager some "system like" cursor, but this would look weird if the local settings are different from that icon, which is likely to be always.

thank you!


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You can create your own version of CursorManager - just create file mx/managers/, copy it's content from default manager (use Ctrl+Shift+T to navigate to it) and change the code.

If you use RSLs then you need to create monkey-patch and load it BEFORE RSLs.

if you embed SDK into code then you can simply compile the app and class will be replaced.

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Maxim - thanks for the help. Will try it out! – fred august Sep 21 '10 at 1:10
Maxim, thanks for the tip on how create my own CursorManager class. The issue still holds - how do I programmatically tell Flex to display the system cursor (from inside my new class)? – fred august Jan 18 '11 at 20:58

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