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I'm building a site with a Flex frontend and Django backend.

The problem I'm facing is that it's tedious to write a CRUD frontend for every model.

I've checked out django-rest-interface but it is not obvious on how to do anything other than read/GET (i.e. create/POST, update/PUT, delete/DELETE) and couldn't find any related examples.

The usual answer I get on asking this question is "Use AMF" but what I am trying to learn is how to actually do the interfacing, not the protocol format.

So, bottom line, what are the best practices and simplest ways to integrate Flex and Django?

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@Matt Briggs, The DjangoAMF tutorial wasn't clear enough and I was unable to make headway there.

I've finally gotten hold of how to use PyAMF and so far, so good.

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Asked a buddy who is doing just that, he said he uses the DjangoAMF library

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