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I have a small form of 4 fields, I am using Ajax to save record and give alert to user on same page. all is working fine but I want to clear all 4 fields after record is inserted and don't want user to press again and duplicate,

Right now I am using

this._studentName.text = "";

but is there any easy method to get same result coz I have another form where there are more then 40 fields and don't want write .text = "" 40 times

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Why don't you look at using jQuery to do this client side? How are you doing AJAX presently? – Floyd Pink Sep 3 '10 at 2:12
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If you use jQuery then you could write:

$('#formID input[type=text]').val('');

If you don't use jQuery then you could still call this.getElementsByTagName('input') and loop through the results to clear the values.

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If it's applicable, Why not redirect to the same page? :)

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