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I've done a decent amount of reading about how to profile iPod applications using Shark, and all works well until I try to click "Start" (and nothing happens). I've tried profiling an individual process (app), all processes, and it doesn't seem to Start. This tutorial is one place that I used to set it up (so I think I'm following all the steps):


(I've also rebooted my mac and iPod)

Anyone have any ideas on what to try next?

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Shark support has been dropped on iOS 4. Official Apple position can be seen here:


They expect you to use Instruments and Time Profiler instead.

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Have you tried the Time Profiler instrument? Apple seems to be moving in that direction.

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Well, never found out the exact reason why it was failing. I ended up reimaging my iPod, and trying Time Profiler within Instruments, and it worked (and provides exactly what I need! Thanks). So original problem not solved, but wiping iPod and using Time Profiler instrument works great. –  Marty Sep 9 '10 at 15:36

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